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Members, join the IAP2A Mentor Program

Members, learn and network by sharing skills and experiences with another engagement practitioner

IAP2A is pleased to launch its volunteer mentoring program designed to help members develop their professional skills and expand their networks. We invite you to apply to be a mentor or mentee – or both! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity available to members only.


All you need to do is send in one or both of the attached forms by November 12 to info@iap2.org.au to tell us what you are seeking from a mentoring relationship and provide information about your skills and background so that we can match you with an appropriate person.

Mentees: this is great way to develop your skills and career through getting personal guidance and support from an industry peer. Find your mentee application form here (please save form before and after completing it)

Mentors: mentoring another industry professional can be a rewarding experience that will enable you to expand your networks, ‘give back’ to the industry through sharing your skills and experiences – and it is likely that you will also learn valuable skills and information from your mentee. Find your mentor application form here (please save form before and after completing it)

It is expected that mentors and mentees will meet monthly (in person, by telephone or video conference) for at least 6-12 months.

This project is being developed by Mendleson Engagement and Communication. If you have any questions, please call Nicola Mendleson on 0411 743 869 or email nicola@mendleson.com.au.